The Devil’s Hands

In this valley beneath the white peaks,

My tasks are checked swiftly as creeks.

Through this day I go along, as I listen to birds sing their sweet song.

For all thy chores are dutifully done, racing to beat the setting of Sun.

As the Sun falls and my hands become still, a shadow clad figure descends from the hill.

Moving straight toward me with his hands outstretched wide, a sharp smile of yellow and devilish pride.

His gift is a kingdom of lusting and power, only I hold the keys, to the Palace Devour.

This offer is tempting and my palms start to sweat, the night just drags on with the decision unset.

“Join me, my boy, together we’ll rule! The kingdom of hell will be your new school. I’ll teach you the ways of menace and greed, all you must do is accept the great creed.”

Each word he spoke the stars would all flicker, the moon became dimmer and the landscape felt sicker.

His breath wilted leaves and streams fell silent, pondering thy decision, hands trembling violent.

I raised my head to respond to this beast, our eyes lock intensely so I spun to the East;

“Oh Sun, don’t forsake me, my fingers grow numb. Please, won’t you please, just rise and be done! You’ve left me alone and the moon is now gone, I beg of you please just turn the lights on!”

Sharp were his teeth and a grin made of sulphur, he begged of thy choice as he drew ever closer.

“Speak now, dear boy, the hour is nye! Uncover thine face, there is no need to cry.”

As I mustered my strength and gathered the courage, I turned to the West prepared for the skirmish.

I raised up my hands as they no longer tremble, my voice found its power and the words did assemble. Thy eyes sharply wide and my speech a deep bellow;

“No chance in Hell, will I be your playfellow!”

His face took on and expression of shock, for I stood my ground as steady as rock.

Shock turned to anger and anger to hate, the dragon was vanquished accepting his fate.

As Helios rose from the East taking flight, the Devil retreated along with the night.

“Don’t worry, dear boy, I’ll be back tomorrow, you will lose this fight and I’ll fill you with sorrow.”

My response was swift and assured with no wary, the nights may be long but they are no longer scary.

“The days grow longer, and hour by hour, I’ll plant my roots firmly like the Sunflower.”

F. Sunseri


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