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  • The 3 Year FKT

    By Holly Ryerson They say the watched pot never boils, but I say, the unwatched fire never burns. You must tend to your fire. Stoke it. Feed it. At least keep the embers smoldering, or your fire will go out like a wet dubee. It’s May of 2020, and like a lot of runners, I […]

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  • Whetstone

    At the edge of a dull blade I teeter, cutting teeth with a vicious grin. The road travelled is pain and sorrow laid brick by brick, but I am the mason of my creation. The storm in soul beats against the weathered sails, only to remain contained momentum. Breaking chains echo in the canyons of […]

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  • The Devil’s Hands

    In this valley beneath the white peaks, My tasks are checked swiftly as creeks. Through this day I go along, as I listen to birds sing their sweet song. For all thy chores are dutifully done, racing to beat the setting of Sun. As the Sun falls and my hands become still, a shadow clad […]

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Get Disciplined or Get Lost

“The key to long term success is consistency. Building a body and mind for running long and fast takes time; there are no shortcuts.”

About TGM

Team Godmode was started in 2021 and inspired during training runs for the Broken Arrow Skyrace in Olympic Valley, CA. The idea started with a comment from a downhill section, “…so I decided to go God Mode on the mother fucker..” and Team God Mode was born. Now, Team God Mode is simply a group of Ultrarunners who aspire to make a profound impact on the sport of Trail Running.

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“I run because I was born free and forever free, I will be”